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Re: Red Hat Packages

On 22/07/07, Chris <racerx makeworld com> wrote:
Hiya everyone -

        I currently run Fedora7 and I am thinking of buying a copy of
RedHat. Can I expect pretty much what I have now as far as getting apps
the way I do now with Fedora (via package manager)?

Apps like Claws-Mail, Thunderbird, etc? Actually - I was hoping to
find a list of programs that come with RedHat on the site. I did not
see such a list.

Best regards,
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Not sure if there's a better way to get a full list without
subscribing, but you can at least check the source packages at
or its mirror sites.

Even if the package is not part of the standard distribution, you can
often build it from source yourself.

Kind regards,


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