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RE: Deny directory listing on vsftpd anonymous upload

If you mean the dirlist_enable option that is a definite no-no, since it prohibits the directory listing from everybody and I need the other users to be able to see the contents of their respective directories. Also the deny_file and hide_file options are out unless they could somehow be tweaked to rule out [directory]/* and only to be effective on the anonymous user. I guess a anon_hide_file option would be a needed addition...

I tried umasking the uploaded files but it seems that at least reading is *always* allowed for the uploaded files and so they cannot be hidden...

Your hint made me think, though, and after numerous tries there really seems to be a way to do this after all:
chmod u-r /anon/ftp/root/upload_directory

seems to do trick. Hope I just don't have the need for anonupl user to access the directory within shell... With vsftpd the denying of directory listing seems to be impossible in my case.

Tommi Nikkilä

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On 7/24/07, Nikkilä Tommi <tommi nikkila wmdata fi> wrote:
> > My question is: is it possible to further configure the vsftp deamon so
> that after the upload the anonymous user could not see the directory listing
> (and thus preventing the viewing of the file names in the directory)? Or is
> this done by the OS? I am currently using Red Hat's ES 4 (Update 4).
> >

Have you seen http://kbase.redhat.com/faq/FAQ_44_5988.shtm ?

Jeremy L. Gaddis
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