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Re: Deny directory listing on vsftpd anonymous upload

Nikkilä Tommi wrote:
If you mean the dirlist_enable option that is a definite no-no, since
it prohibits the directory listing from everybody and I need the
other users to be able to see the contents of their respective
directories. Also the deny_file and hide_file options are out unless
they could somehow be tweaked to rule out [directory]/* and only to
be effective on the anonymous user. I guess a anon_hide_file option
would be a needed addition...

You can specify per-user settings with vsftpd. In the config file you can define a directory to hold the per-user config files (user_config_dir). In that directory you create a file for each user who's configuration needs to differ from the default. You only need to put the non-default settings in to the file.

Create a file in your user_config_dir called ftp (ftp is the anonymous user) with the line:

That should give a "550 Permission denied" message if the anonymous user attempts a directory listing.

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