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Information Resource Consultant for Charleston, South Carolina


The department that I work for within the Medical University of South
Carolina (MUSC) is looking for another IT person. While our servers
currently run Debian Sarge, there is an institution-wide migration over to
RedHat Enterprise Linux.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in this position, please
use the link below to apply.  The job opening will be closed 2007-07-31.


A little background:

General Clinical Research Centers (GCRCs) are funded by the National
Institute of Health (NIH) to facilitate patient-oriented clinical research
in a cost effective manner.  The primary purpose of the GCRC is to support
investigator-initiated, peer-reviewed, clinical research projects within the
institution as well as pilot studies that may lead to future NIH or other
sources of peer-reviewed clinical research grant support.

My core, informatics, (which is currently composed of only me) is
responsible for all IT-related activities within this department.  This
position will cover the "techy" duties of workstation and server support,
while helping me transition our web sites and applications from Apache
1.3.X/mod_perl/MySQL to Apache 2.2.X/PHP 5.2.X/PostgreSQL.  Because the
position will require interfacing with staff and investigators, the ability
to speak English proficiently is a requirement.  Also, because MUSC is a
state entity we cannot offer a relocation package.



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