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Installation order for VISTA/RH5 dual boot


I've seen conflicting information on whether this indeed a
preferred/required order to get Windows Vista and RH Enterprise 5 dual
working correctly. 

I installed Vista first on a 160GB hard drive. This is the current disk

I'm not even sure how I would do it by installing VISTA first. I
installed it first with:
  Partition 0: 75MB  (boot partition??)
  Partition 1: 120GB Vista
  Free Space of 20 GB for RH
  Partition 2: Vista Recovery

RH installation complained that there was no room for /boot partition
even though there was 20GB of
Free unpartitioned disk for RH (I'm guesing it needs to be "near the

I've heard that Vista will wipe out the /boot information (or ignore any
other O/S that may be present) if I install RH first.

Currently I'm sitting with the above configuration and am thinking of
reinstalling with RH first.

Any information greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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