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Re: Installation order for VISTA/RH5 dual boot

I would agree with what you have heard, and not install RH first. The first thing is to get the drive partitioning of the drive done first. One trick which I do is make the windows partition the active partition. With this configuration, it is possible to reinstall either os with out impacting the other os. (I have not tried this with vista)


On Fri, 27 Jul 2007, Wartnick, James wrote:


I've seen conflicting information on whether this indeed a
preferred/required order to get Windows Vista and RH Enterprise 5 dual
working correctly.

I installed Vista first on a 160GB hard drive. This is the current disk

I'm not even sure how I would do it by installing VISTA first. I
installed it first with:
 Partition 0: 75MB  (boot partition??)
 Partition 1: 120GB Vista
 Free Space of 20 GB for RH
 Partition 2: Vista Recovery

RH installation complained that there was no room for /boot partition
even though there was 20GB of
Free unpartitioned disk for RH (I'm guesing it needs to be "near the

I've heard that Vista will wipe out the /boot information (or ignore any
other O/S that may be present) if I install RH first.

Currently I'm sitting with the above configuration and am thinking of
reinstalling with RH first.

Any information greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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