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RE: rdesktop and vista

Have you set Vista to allow connections from older versions of remote desktop?  One of the new security settings allows to only connect to the newest clients (or something like that; I don't have it right in front of me) and I believe that is the default choice.  I know you double checked the settings, but that's my first thought.


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Subject: rdesktop and vista

I am trying to get rdesktop working with vista. I using redhat v5 and 
have been using rdesktop to connect to xp & 2003 servers. However with 
vista I getting connection reset by peer error. I can rdp into the vista 
system from a xp system and also by using dameware, however from the 
redhat system it does not work. I have tried the following:
Turned off firewall to eliminate that as a variable
Doubled and tripled check settings in system remote tab
Did searches on Yahoo looking for a solution

I figure there some small setting that needs to change or there is a 
conflict with rdeskptop and vista.  The version of rdesktop is 1.4.1 
that came with redhat v5.  Has anyone ran into this problem with 
rdesktop or have a solution.  My next step is to install and try 
rdesktop 1.5.0 from sourceforge but do not like to install a non 
supported version of the software on the server. 

Any info would be appreciated.


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