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Re: USB external disk drive compatibility

>On 7/30/07, Wartnick, James <James Wartnick bestbuy com> wrote:
>> I have a laptop with RH Enterprise 5 and am looking at getting a
>> portable USB external disk drive. I was
>> Looking at the Western Digital Passport but am unsure if it is
>> supported. I didn't see Linux drivers on their
>> Web-site. Anyone know if it's supported?
>Yes, it should work fine.

More than likely you'll have to reformat the drive.  The USB drive that I
connected to my FedoraCore 6 system would not mount, because for some strange
reason, FC6 does not support NTFS (Windblows).  Doing so means that I can
longer attach it to W2K, or later.

If there is a secret as to how to get USB NTFS drives to mount, I'll pull
the data off and get Windblows to reformat it.

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