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RE: USB external disk drive compatibility

I just installed the RPM from:

for RHEL5 and am able to mount NTFS partitions.

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>I have RHEL5 running on my home laptop, using a couple of external USB
>drives previously used with a Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 dual-boot
>desktop for storage (i.e. formatted with NTFS).
>Installing kernel-module-ntfs RPM packages enabled me to mount and
>but not write to, those drives. You could also try the NTFS-3G driver
>(which apparently should allow you to write to NTFS drives), but that
>one didn't work for me, for some reason (haven't investigated it in any
>detail yet).

In that case, I'll just leave it as is.  The original poster might want
to try this though.

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