opensource or free software repositories?

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Anne wrote:
> Hi All,
> Does anyone know of any OpenSource or "free" software repository 
> software out there to use for our developers to store their code, keep 
> track of versions, etc? Anything that is fairly "easy" to setup on my Red
Hat boxes?
> Thank you! Anne

Hello Anne,

   You should have access to CVS on most Redhat boxes.  It can be used to do
all that you mentioned.  It is most likely  already installed on most
configurations.  If it isn't already there, then it would be easy to get the
rpm.  I haven't made use of it in quite a while, but I don't recall the
setup being difficult in any way.  You can use it on a local box or
remotely, whichever suites your needs.  Good luck.

Jeff Hogg
System Admin.
TSG Consultants

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