opensource or free software repositories?

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Thu Oct 4 17:47:19 UTC 2007

>Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 10:20:22 -0500
>From: "Litton, Tom - CEPM" <Tom.Litton at>  
>I would recommend subversion ( instead of
>cvs.  I like it a lot better.

I knew subversion would come up. We use it at work. I do *NOT* like it. Reason 1: it looks like you have to check out a whole directory, and that you can't check out just one file. Speaking as someone who did, among other things, configuration management for about 11 years, I *HATE* this idea, since if you've got multiple developers, and one is working on one file in a directory, and another on another file in the same directory.... 

I won't start on the aggro here, where they normally *don't* lock the checked out files... which is exactly what version control is supposed to prevent.

   mark "why, yes, most of that time was with PVCS"

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