Dummies Guide for up2date -> yum?

Sandor W. Sklar ssklar at stanford.edu
Thu Oct 4 23:03:35 UTC 2007

So, having a bunch of RHEL4 systems, I'm used to running "up2date"  
for various software installation and upgrade tasks, and I feel  
pretty comfortable with it, which is why RHEL5, which we're just  
starting to deploy, switched to "yum."

Can anyone point me to an "idiot's guide" for going from up2date to yum?

Specifically, I'm used to doing things like:

up2date --dry-run foobar

... to see if the package foobar is available, and what its  
dependancies are

up2date -u

... to update all the currently installed "non-kernel" RPMs already  
on the systems

up2date -uf

... to update everything, including the kernel and kernel-module RPMs


Sandor W. Sklar, Unix Systems Administrator
Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources (SULAIR)

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