"Permission denied" Problem

Alfred Hovdestad alfred.hovdestad at usask.ca
Fri Oct 5 15:55:11 UTC 2007

No, the problem should lie in the permissions on /root/.ssh.  The 
/root/.ssh directory has to be drwx------ has to inaccessible to all but 
the owner for ssh to work properly.


Jean-Paul Baillon wrote:
> Everyone should be able to read your public key - that's why it is
> called a public key - the private key is the one you keep secured
> The permission denied may be with the cat /root/.ssh/id_rsa.pub part or
> the   > /abiscard/local/root/.ssh/authorized_id command
> Try cat /root/.ssh/id_rsa.pub you should be able to read the public key
> - if so the problem lies with the writing to
> /abiscard/local/root/.ssh/authorized_id file (most likely)
> JP
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> Hi All,
> I have a query on accessing a root file as a non-root user. The problem
> is described as follows.
> I wanted to execute the following command 
> cat /root/.ssh/id_rsa.pub > /abiscard/local/root/.ssh/authorized_id 
> as a non-root user i.e "backup" user. Is there any way I could do this.
> This is for my project requirement.
> Your reply will be well appriciated.
> Regds,
> Ravi R.S

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