8gb memory on Redhat AS 2.1

Steve Phillips steve at focb.co.nz
Tue Oct 9 06:07:18 UTC 2007

t wrote:
> Hi All,
> Im running Redhat AS 2.1 on an IBM HS20 Blade Server.
> I have just upgraded the ram to 8Gb.
> The 8Gb memory shows up in the bios but the linux system only shows 4gb?
> Is there any special way to get the extra memory recognized in Redhat AS
> 2.1?
> I have a server that's running Redhat ES 2.1 that has 8gb of ram.
> That system has a custom kernel and is running on different hardware,
> I'm wondering if that would be the reason why?

Its been a while since I compiled a kernel, but I believe there used to 
be a 'bigmem' option that needed to be enabled if you had more than 4Gig 
of RAM in the box.

I dont recall which kernel version this was in - try pulling down a 
2.4.x kernel and running the make xconfig (or whatever) on a box and 
seeing what options there are and comparing it possibly to your custom 
kernel's 'make xconfig' ?



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