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McDougall, Marshall (FSH) Marshall.McDougall at gov.mb.ca
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>Hi Marshall,
>> This may be OT, but there is lots of knowledge here.  
>> I am looking for a P2V tool that I can use to scrape my RH Linux
>> servers.  The vmware converter that vmware gives out is only 
>useable on
>> windows servers.  What are you folks using for this?  Thanks.
>I've done it using a bootable Linux distro (Knoppix) & rsync. A little
>trial & error to create an initrd image containing the correct SCSI
>drivers was also necessary.  (That and reinstalling the bootloader.)
>I actually need to revisit this method in the not-too-distant 
>future for
>a Linux server I'll be virtualizing.  Let me know if you want more
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Thanks for the input.

Regards, Marshall

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