Environment test

Bill Tangren bjt at usno.navy.mil
Thu Oct 11 17:52:03 UTC 2007

Michael Scully wrote:
> Greetings:
> 	I have users who connect via ssh to run a particular application.
> For those, I have their .bash_profile set to run this application and exit
> when they close it.  But I often need those same users to login at the
> console or via an X-Windows session for other things.  If they try to log in
> via the console or X-client, it will fail because it tries to run this
> application instead.
> 	What environment variable or tty test would work easiest to make
> this "autorun" conditional?  If they are using X and create a terminal
> session somewhere on the desktop, I DO NOT want that one to launch the
> application either.  Thanks in advance.
> Scully

I did this hack to (to /etc/profile) have a user session time out if they ssh 
but not if they log in at the console:

if (grep ^"sshd: " /proc/$PPID/cmdline >/dev/null 2>&1); then
    export TMOUT=900

You might try something like that.

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