Creating RPMS from source without Makefile

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Tue Oct 16 06:54:16 UTC 2007

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> On 15/10/2007, Mertens, Bram <mertensb at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > For several applications/tools I'd like to create an RPM to make
> > maintenance easier.  However some of these come without a Makefile
> > (usually just untar in the correct directory).  For others 
> I'd like to
> > add some additional (configuration) files and such.
> >
> > According to the maximum rpm book it is recommended to keep 
> patches and
> > such separate from the original sources (pristine sources). 
>  But so far
> > I've been unable to find an explanation on how exactly to 
> set this up.
> > I've download the httpd source rpm and noticed that it contains some
> > additional files in the SOURCES directory which have been added as
> > additional "SourceX" lines in the spec file.  These are installed by
> > additional "install" commands in the spec file.
> >
> > Is this the recommended approach?  Is there a way to group 
> these files
> > somehow?  After installing the httpd source rpm the SOURCE dir was
> > filled with files with no way to determin which were related to the
> > httpd package wand which not.
> That is only due to your particular [default] RPM setup, where all
> SourceX files are stored in the same directory. However, it is not
> like that when you customise RPM in your $HOME/.rpmmacros file. For
> example, you can override the default locations like this
> %_topdir     %(echo $HOME)/rpm
> %_sourcedir     %{_topdir}/SOURCES/%{name}-%{version}
> %_specdir       %{_sourcedir}
> and get a separate directory for each package/version. A very few
> packages may break since they make poor assumptions about your RPM
> build tree.
> Of course, you can also tar your set of patches and additional source
> files, put it into a single SourceX tag, untar it in %setup and access
> the files via $RPM_BUILD_DIR. It is much less convenient, though.

Thanks I'll look into organizing my files this way.  However I believe
it doesn't solve the problem of installing source rpms like the httpd
package.  Or will rpm -I package.src.rpm create/use these directories if
I create an rpmmacros file for root?

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