Adaptec SCSI RAID 2000S

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I checked Adaptec's site first thing, but no luck (unless you want to
install Windows or SUSE).

A bit of research told me that I *should* be able to use the i2o driver
for it, and I've gotten it as far as installing.  But somehow the grub
bootloader doesn't work.

I found but after following those
instructions I'm still at a point where, on bootup, I only get the word
'GRUB' on the screen and that's it.

I believe the i2o driver, which I manually specified during the install
with 'linux noprobe' etc. etc. doesn't load up again after a reboot, for
some reason.

Still working on it, but any suggestions will be appreciated!

Thank you.

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I hope you've already solved this problem.  Have you checked the Adaptec
web site for a Linux driver?  If anyone has one, it would be the OEM.

Johan Booysen wrote:
> I urgently need advice on this:  I need to install RHEL5 on a server
> that is probably about 4 years old.  It contains an Adaptec SCSI RAID
> 2000S adapter, and there is no driver available that I can track down
> short notice (and none included on the RHEL5 discs).  Anaconda does
> detect any disks on the server during installation.
> Anyone know what my best bet is to get around this, or where to find a
> driver that will work?
> Thanks very much.
> Johan


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