CUPS & Choosing a Printer

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Tue Oct 23 16:45:10 UTC 2007

>Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 10:19:58 +0000
>From: Dr Alan J Bartlett <stxsl_ajb at>  
>I'm currently in the process of choosing a new printer.
>Does anyone have any experience of the Dell 1710 Laser Printer and it's suitability? Any comments, observations and general advice on this subject would be appreciated.
>(Margret & Mark - you know who you are - I am following your printing problems closely, in case there is something I can learn . . .)

Check the Linux printer d/b to see what's supported. Pay *close* attention to how *much* support there is (well, mostly, sorta, paperweight). For what I wound up with, an HP 1018, I had to build the driver, then edit my /etc/init.d/cups to d/l the firmware that came with the driver every time cups restarts. 

The printer's quite nice, btw.

You might also consider, if you're buying an inkjet, whether it's refillable. I understand that a lot of the newer inkjets have chipped cartridges that won't *let* you refill - they just refuse to print. Then there are some that just complain (if you're running Windows, anyway) that refilling voids the warranty, but keeps printing anyway....


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