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I don't believe any restrictions you'll make to this setup will have much effect.

No matter what commands you'll disallow for these users to execute in /usr/local/bin there's tons of ways they can circumvent it:
Sudo visudo + remove the restrictions
Sudo bash + and do whatever they want as root WITHOUT any logging
Create a symbolic link to /usr/local/bin will probably also circumvent any restrictions

It is probably safer to allow only those commands they really need rather than trying to open everything and then close some things again.

If you want to add restrictions look into the su and passwd commands in the suoders man page:
        pete           HPPA = /usr/bin/passwd [A-z]*, !/usr/bin/passwd root

       The user pete is allowed to change anyoneâs password except for root on
       the HPPA machines.  Note that this assumes passwd(1) does not take mul-
       tiple usernames on the command line.

        john           ALPHA = /usr/bin/su [!-]*, !/usr/bin/su *root*

       On the ALPHA machines, user john may su to anyone except root but he is
       not allowed to give su(1) any flags.



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> On one of our development servers, we have a number of developers
> specified in /etc/sudoers:
> abc     ALL=(ALL) ALL
> def     ALL=(ALL) ALL
> ghi     ALL=(ALL) ALL
> jkl     ALL=(ALL) ALL
> Now I need to restrict access to /usr/local/bin, so that only the root
> user can make changes to that directory.  Even the people in
> /etc/sudoers should not be able to make changes to /usr/local/bin.
> How can I adapt /etc/sudoers to achieve this?  I've already 
> read the man
> page and will investigate, but any quick pointers will be appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Johan
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