How to upgrade the kernel

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Regarding actual kernel recompilation, if you extract the
"kernel".tar.gz file and
Change directories into the root directory of the archive, you will see
either a
README, or INSTALL file in there, open this and after you've read a few
pages you 
will find the actual recompile steps. 

This is a very good document and the document I always refer to in times
of need. 

It is worth noting that as another has stated, you should yum install a
new genuine
Redhat kernel, unless you have an explicit need for a generic kernel (I
have had
Such a need in the past when I had driver issues with a Redhat kernel).

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I'm running Linux kernel 2.6.18-8.el5 on an RHEL 5 distribution.
I downloaded the kernel from
Does anyone have a good and accurate step by step process on how to
upgrade the kernel?
Will I need to upgrade anything else besides the kernel itself?
Thank you.
Dave Martini

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