NTFS filesystems

Johan Booysen johan at matrix-data.co.uk
Wed Oct 31 17:26:59 UTC 2007

Have a look at:


The first one works very well for me, but just using RHEL5 with an
external USB drive.  And it's still read-only access...

I didn't have much luck with ntfs-3g, but that was some months ago.  I
think that was supposed to allow write access too.

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	Does anyone know the status of things regarding mounting NTFS
filesystems?  My RHEL4 installation squawks at this as an unsupported FS
(plugging in an external USB drive).  I have been able to whack the
factory partition and create a new ext3 filesystem on it, but I was
hoping for interoperability, so I could recover files from a Windows PC
if necessary.

	My drive is a 750 GB model, and my kernel is 2.6.9.  I thought
NTFS had been supported for some time.  Am I mistaken?  If I am missing
some other pieces for the kernel, how do I get them?



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