NTFS filesystems

Michael Scully agentscully at flexiblestrategies.com
Wed Oct 31 18:06:06 UTC 2007


	After we plugged it in, it created a /dev/sdc and /dev/sdc1 node (it
had dual SATA drives already).  When I tried to found the file system on
/dev/sdc1 it came back with a message that NTFS wasn't a supported
filesystem.  It obviously could see the partition to detect it.

	This is a MAXTOR One-Touch 3, 750 GB.  Is there a size limit on
USBFS perhaps?  This is straight from the factory.

	I know I can fdisk the /dev/sdc node, delete the partition there,
and mkfs.ext3 on it, as I have on others.  I was just looking for more "plug
and play options" across platforms.


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Are you sure your USB drive is NTFS?  I thought those were USBFS...

Also, is it a U3 USB device?  If so, look for other /dev/sd* devices
defined when the device is plugged in.  I found that, for my U3 device,
two file systems were mounted, even when I'm not using encryption.

The 2nd mounted file system contained the data I was looking for.


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