Samba problem

Steven Buehler steve at
Wed Oct 31 21:47:38 UTC 2007

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Quoting Steven Buehler <steve at>:

> 	I have a samba server setup on RHEL AS 5.  I can access it locally,
> but not from a remote server.  I have even turned off the firewall
> altogether, but that didn't solve the problem.  My samba is setup to allow
> from any host and not deny from any host.  The errors that I get from
> hosts is connection timeout.  I can connect by other means, ftp, ssh, etc
> from the other hosts, so at least I know that the physical server that
> is on can be reached.  I have tried connecting from windows servers and
> Linux servers, but unless it is in my own local network of computers and
> servers here, I can't connect.  The other Linux and windows servers are
> in different states (so of course, different networks).
> Any help would be appreciated
> Thanks
> Steve

||Is SELinux enabled?

No it is turned off.

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