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RE: Problem with xdmcp

   I use puTTY on my Windows XP box and I have enabled X forwarding over SSH
in puTTY so that the transmission is secure. In conjunction with puTTY,
which provides the SSH tunneling, I then use Cygwin/X to provide the X
client on my Windows box. This provides me with a shell and a the ability to
run X apps on my Windows desktop. 

	If you are not concerned about security (because you are working on
a trusted network, if you are running windows then you should always be
worried about security) then you could just use Cygwin/X to connect to the
GDM login. If you are not getting a login then there are is a tutorial at
Cygwin's website that will walk you through the setup of the gdm.conf file
on the server and the command line options for starting the X client to
connect to your server.

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Subject: Problem with xdmcp

We have successfully installed RHEL4. From my WindowsXP machine I can
successfully telnet to the machine. I can also create xterm windows
using an application package on my Windows machine called WebTermX. My
problem is when I try to use WebTermX to create an XDMCP session to the
Linux machine.

When I choose to create an XDMCP session I *do* see the Linux machine in
the list of available servers. When I select it I *do* get a login box
that has tabs for things like 'Session', 'Language', etc. The problem is
that after I enter a valid username/password I never get anything else
back! It just goes "out to lunch" -- nothing. No windows. No errors. No

Can anyone give me a pointer to a troubleshooting guide or maybe offer a
suggestion? Maybe it's something as simple as the WebTermX (and
accompanying X Server) doesn't work with Linux's gdm? If so can someone
give a recommendation on what they use?



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