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Re: Purchasing RHEL AS 4

Barry Brimer wrote:
I would appreciate if someone could tell me whats the cheapest way to buy RHEL AS 4 without subscribing for any support.Thanks for any help.

Red Hat does not sell RHEL without support. I recommend that you look into CentOS <http://www.centos.org> It is rebuilt from RHEL sources, and is very high quality. Simply put, it is the closest to RHEL as you can get without paying for it. The CentOS team rebuilds all updates provided by Red Hat, which in short means that CentOS releases are supported for 7 years, just like RHEL.

Hope this helps.


You don't want centos if you know whats good for you, its just a hack, they have nothing to do with redhat. If you want redhat linux, then use redhat linux and you'll have less problems later. You can get RHEL with the basic subscription or just take the 30 day trial for free, you can still use it, just no updates.

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