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Re: perl irritations

Steve Phillips wrote:
m roth2006 rcn com wrote:
My guess is that the -devel package split goes back as far as your

The problem is that this is my firewall/router. I do NOT WANT a gcc on it. Am I going to need to put it on, and take it off, every time I need an update from CPAN? And to remove all *-devel rpms?

erm, then why are you trying to use a tool that relies on compilers and development tools being present ?

Would it not be better to put CPAN on a dev box and then use that to compile the required perl modules, make them into packages and distribute the binaries to the firewall instead ?

Um, the firewall/router's running RH 9 - specifically, since I want the 2.4 kernel, as it's running on old hardware, and I don't *want* what they did for 2.6, with scheduling improvements specific to multiple CPU's/cores, and which I read a couple of years ago disimproved performance on single CPU systems. All my other systems are significantly newer.


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