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Re: Langauges missing from GDM

> Why do so many of the other languages show up, but not the Asian ones?
> Any suggestions on what I need to do to resolve this?

Well, I figured this out in a very long and round-about way. :)  After
resorting to debugging gdm with gdb, I discovered that there is a prune
languages patch applied to RH's gdm that when removed, results in all
of the languages being made available on the gdm login screen...

This patch appears to do several things, one of which is to check
whether or not there is local font suport for the locale listed in the
locale.alias file.

Apparently I needed to isntall the TrueType RPM for Korea -- once this
package is on the system the language becomes available.

Kind of a "doh" in hindsight... obvious in a non-obvious sort of way
since adding languages post-install on RHEL4 isn't really a supported
procedure I believe. :)


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