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Re: snap shot of live system?

On 9/9/07, Anne Moore <diabeticithink yahoo com> wrote:
> Hi All, does anyone know if there is a Red Hat command/backup solution
> that
> allows taking a snap shot of the system while it's mounted and running in
> multi-user mode? (It would be equivalent to the fssnap Solaris 10
> command).
> Thank you!
> Anne
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Yes, but you need to be using LVM (Logical Volume Management) on the mount
that you want to take a snapshot of. A quick way to tell if your using LVM
is to type `lvs` at the command line. If you are using LVM it will show you
somethin similiar to this.

  LV       VG         Attr   LSize  Origin Snap%  Move Log Copy%
  LogVol00 VolGroup00 -wi-ao 31.78G
  LogVol01 VolGroup00 -wi-ao  1.94G

For more info take a look at this webpage:


Romeo Theriault
System Administrator
University of Maine at Fort Kent
Ph#: 207-834-7815
Em@: romeo theriault maine edu

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