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RE: Recent unexplained quota problems


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> From: redhat-list-bounces redhat com 
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> Sent: maandag 10 september 2007 5:37
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> Subject: Recent unexplained quota problems
> I'm running a RHEL v3 server, completely up to date...
> I tried to edit a user's quota (as root) using the command
> '/usr/sbin/edquota someuser' and I got the error:
> edquota: Can't open quotafile /home/aquota.user: Read-only file system
> No filesystems with quota detected.
> Doing a listing of aquota.user reports:
> [root server log]# ll /home/aquota.user
> -rw-------    1 root     root        15360 Sep  9 04:22 
> /home/aquota.user
> /etc/fstab has:
> LABEL=/home            /home          ext3    defaults,usrquota 1 2
> A listing of /home shows:
> drwxr-xr-x  133 root     root         4096 Sep  7 12:49 home
> If I try to 'touch test' in /home I get:
> [root server home]# touch test
> touch: creating `test': Read-only file system
> I rebooted the server and everything seems to be okay.  I'm a little 
> concerned about this though because I can't explain it.
> Any ideas?

You won't be able to check now but should you encounter this again,
please have a look at the ouput from mount, it should read (rw) for
whichever partition your /home is on.  If it reads ro then somehow your
home partition is being remounted ro.



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