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Dynamic DNS and heresy

Hey all,

	I need to be a heretic (well, maybe, I dunno)...  so let me put
it to you.

	I have been running my own personal server for just about
forever, it seems (certainly since 1993 or so), and I'd like to back out
of the headaches that this brings along with every day life (on top of
job stress - I'm sure *some* of you can understand) - basically, the
hobby is becoming work to a certain extent.

	OK, here's the thought.  I currently have a DSL line with a
fixed IP address.  So, my personal server, e-mail, all that fun stuff is
inside my house.

	Here is what I'm considering:

	1)  Dump DSL & go to Comcast (get huge increase in speed, but
lose static IP - also save a fair amount of $$ per month)
	2)  Go with a web-hosting company to handle my web pages and
e-mail. (considering ixwebhosting)

	3)  My server still would play server, but would mostly become
only a file server.

	So, here's where things get interesting.

	Wife refuses to change her e-mail address.

	My hostname is through dnsalias.com (now DynDNS).  I would want
to keep the same e-mail, but since the hostname is hosted by a 3rd party
service, I cannot transfer the domain name to the webhosting service.
Or maybe I can?  I've mucked around on the dnsalias site, and I see some
options, but I'm not sure how to deal with it.

	Basically, I want e-mail that might have been sent to
whoever tomii dnsalias com to go to a different server's sendmail (or
whatever they're using) setup...

	Any clues?

	Maybe I should just use DynDNS's webhopping stuff & DynDNS's IP
update stuff to make it work, but I noticed the last time I tried that
(long, long ago) that when IP's would change, I'd end up losing e-mail
for a short period while all the TTL's for the IP died & got refreshed.


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