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Re: Dynamic DNS and heresy

	My hostname is through dnsalias.com (now DynDNS).  I would want
to keep the same e-mail, but since the hostname is hosted by a 3rd party
service, I cannot transfer the domain name to the webhosting service.
Or maybe I can?  I've mucked around on the dnsalias site, and I see some
options, but I'm not sure how to deal with it.

	Basically, I want e-mail that might have been sent to
whoever tomii dnsalias com to go to a different server's sendmail (or
whatever they're using) setup...

	Any clues?

Can you make a static MX record for your hostname and point it to the web hosting company's mail servers? Once that is done, tell them to receive mail for tomii.dnsalias.com and tell them what accounts you need created. I would think that you could continue to have the same dynamic name for your home file server, but if the e-mail is the most important, get a new dyndns name for home, and have the web hosting company handle the old one.


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