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Re: Purchasing RHEL AS 4

On Thu, 6 Sep 2007, mcclnx mcc wrote:

> Yes.  You can Buy CENTOS and it is free.  BUT you need
> think about following issues:

You cannot buy CentOS, but a donation would help the cause and the
volunteers who spend their time rebuilding and validating packages against
the clock.

> 1. NO support on CENTOS.  If you are good on LINUX
> then don't care.

However, great community support and lots of information in public
mailinglists. For obvious reasons the CentOS mailinglist is a great
resource, even for RHEL users !

> 2. Some software vendors don't support you, if you use
> "Clone" O.S.  On my situration, we have ORACLE
> Database and Veritas Netbackup on CENTOS.  Everytime I
> call ORACLE or veritas, support engineer will say 'we
> don't support CENTOS" no matter your problem relate to
> O.S. or not.

This last comment is particularly funny, when you know that Oracle
Unbreakable Linux is actually based on CentOS and not RHEL.

Oracle probably figured out that it is easier to look at what CentOS is
doing, than to do the effort themselves. As a result we found comments and
typos in fixes to be copied over to 'Unbreakable' Linux.

Next time you call Oracle, why not tell them you're running it on
Unbreakable Linux >;-)

--   dag wieers,  dag wieers com,  http://dag.wieers.com/   --
[Any errors in spelling, tact or fact are transmission errors]

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