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Re: Virtualization in RHEL5

Couldn't you "yum install xen"

Jason Taylor wrote:
I have already looked thorough that document.  It gives a straight
forward explanation of creating virtual machines after the xen kernel is
already installed. But it doesn't give any indication of a simple
install process, like the one you can use during OS installation. In
fact it doesn't even mention that explicitly.  I found that information
on another site. It simply states OS (chapter 2) and Hardware (chapter
3) compatibility, (chapter 4)lists the virtualization requirements,
tells you that the dependencies are configured automatically in the
installation process and then in chapter 5 just jumps ahead to after
installing the Red Hat Installation components.

Am I missing something in there?

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On 9/11/07, Jason Taylor <jtaylor uipacific com> wrote:
Is there an easy way to install Virtualization in RHEL5 after the OS
installed? I.E. a wizard of some kind?

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