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hello all,

I want to modify my squid server.
In squid access.log file i got the IP address, i want to see their Mac
address instant of IP address.
I search it, its possible.
and these is the details of this possibality.......

NOTE: Squid can only determine the MAC address for clients that are on the
same subnet. If the client is on a different subnet, then Squid can not find
out its MAC address.

To use ARP (MAC) access controls, you first need to compile in the optional
code. Do this with the *--enable-arp-acl* configure option:

% ./configure --enable-arp-acl ...
% make clean
% make

If *src/acl.c* doesn't compile, then ARP ACLs are probably not supported on
your system.

If everything compiles, then you can add some ARP ACL lines to your *

acl M1 arp 01:02:03:04:05:06
acl M2 arp 11:12:13:14:15:16
http_access allow M1
http_access allow M2
http_access deny all

I am not able to make this changes.
Please help me...........

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