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Installing RHEL v4u3 x64 WS

Hi all,

I need to install RHEL v4 update 3 x64 Workstation on a computer having an
adaptec 29320 scsi controller card and a 73GB Hitachi HD and a SATA cdrom

The machine boots from the rhel cd-image as expected, but then asks for a
driver after I'm allowed to choose language and keyboard and install from

I'm assuming it's the scsi-part that is the problem. However after choosing
the offered aic7xxx-driver from the built-in menu, it still asks for a driver.

I'm stumped. I've never had this problem before and don't even know how to

The other day I installed three RHEL v4 update 5 x64-machines and there it
didn't ask for any drivers.

I've done the F6-thing in Windows when it can't find drivers at install, but
have no idea what do to with linux.

Basically, now what?

Any hints appreciated. TIA.



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