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Re: How to create encrypted password via command line

You could use a script like smbldap-passwd. It does a fine job of managing openldap passwords.


..it assumes samba, but wouldn't take much to hack the script.


Chris St. Pierre wrote:
On Wed, 12 Sep 2007, Anne Moore wrote:

Yes, it's for Openldap. Unfortunately, slappasswd is not installed on any of our Red Hat boxes (60 of them). It's only installed on the one OpenLdap box.

I wanted them to be able to log into any of the boxes, run the create new
password commands, and then copy the encrypted output and send to the
administrator so he can change their passwords on Openldap without knowing
what their password actually is.

Is there a way that you know of that they can copy and past in their own
encrypted password, bypassing having to send them to the administrator to do

Why can't you just properly configure nss_ldap so that the passwd
command does the right thing?

Failing that, write a quick Perl script that mimics passwd.  Involving
the administrator at all seems unnecessary here.

Chris St. Pierre
Unix Systems Administrator
Nebraska Wesleyan University

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