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RE: How to create encrypted password via command line

Absolutely, I agree. 

I have tried to find documentation on getting nss_ldap to work correctly on
each Red Hat client box, but after various tries, various openldap forums, I
had no luck. In fact, when I posted the question to the OpenLdap forum, none
there had a clue. They told that the passwd command should "just work" once
Openldap is working and authenticating.

If you know of the proper configuration documentation for nss_ldap that
explains how to configure to get the regular passwd feature working I would
love to read it!


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On Wed, 12 Sep 2007, Anne Moore wrote:

> Yes, it's for Openldap. Unfortunately, slappasswd is not installed on 
> any of our Red Hat boxes (60 of them). It's only installed on the one
OpenLdap box.
> I wanted them to be able to log into any of the boxes, run the create 
> new password commands, and then copy the encrypted output and send to 
> the administrator so he can change their passwords on Openldap without 
> knowing what their password actually is.
> Is there a way that you know of that they can copy and past in their 
> own encrypted password, bypassing having to send them to the 
> administrator to do it?

Why can't you just properly configure nss_ldap so that the passwd command
does the right thing?

Failing that, write a quick Perl script that mimics passwd.  Involving the
administrator at all seems unnecessary here.

Chris St. Pierre
Unix Systems Administrator
Nebraska Wesleyan University

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