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RE: Backup Windows server to Linux server

	Thank you so much.  I didn't know this was an option of "mount".  I
couldn't get it to work at first....my stupidity, but after reading the man
pages and googling it, I got it to work.  Again, thank you VERY much.


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Yes, you can mount (mount -t cifs) the windows box to a mount point, 
then just copy the data to the mount point.


Steven Buehler wrote:
> I have a client that I do backups for.  They had a Snap server (linux) and
> was using rsync to connect to it from a RedHat Linux server to run scripts
> and do the backups.  Now they are switching to a Windows server and still
> want me to do the backups.  I know that linux can be setup as a Samba
> but was wondering if it can be done the other way around so that the linux
> server can connect to the Windows server and act as if the windows server
> another drive.  Or is there a way to rsync into the windows server?
> Thanks
> Steve

Aaron Bliss
Systems Administrator
Suny Brockport

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