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Re: Swap Space Recommendation

El Miércoles, 12 de Septiembre de 2007 19:26, Esquivel, Vicente escribió:
> Is it still recommended that your swap space be twice the size of the
> RAM you have on a server?  I mean is it practical to setup 32GB of swap
> space when you have 16GB of RAM on a server?   Seems like a lot of swap
> space to setup and have there not really being used but I could be
> missing something.

Of course not. That rule is not THE RULE is just and advice, if you think 
you're gonna use the 100% of your RAM, well....that should not be normal, you 
would have a problem,  16GB God...

I don't know for what are you going to use that server and the amount of 
memory you plan to use, but 16GB seems to be too much.

Maybe you can have 2GB of SWAP and if, for whatever reason, you need more, you 
can just set up a swap file using dd and stuff...

Hope this helps

Manuel Arostegui Ramirez.

Electronic Mail is not secure, may not be read every day, and should not
be used for urgent or sensitive issues.

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