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Re: How to create encrypted password via command line

Anne Moore wrote:
Absolutely, I agree.
I have tried to find documentation on getting nss_ldap to work correctly on
each Red Hat client box, but after various tries, various openldap forums, I
had no luck. In fact, when I posted the question to the OpenLdap forum, none
there had a clue. They told that the passwd command should "just work" once
Openldap is working and authenticating.

If you know of the proper configuration documentation for nss_ldap that
explains how to configure to get the regular passwd feature working I would
love to read it!

Has slapd.conf been configured to allow users write permission to their passwords? AFAIK, that's all that is required beyond normal nss_ldap configuration.

When you attempt to change a password with the passwd command nss_ldap will bind to the LDAP server as the user, and attempt to modify the password. If you can run your LDAP without SSL temporarily you can capture the transaction with wireshark and see what's going on.

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