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Re: Linux, RH, kickstart and PXE


Harry Hoffman wrote:

No worries, I'm using 4, and 5 and Fedora 7 with cobbler it all works well.

Some things don't work with 4 but that's b/c the kickstart options only work with 5 and above (i.e. the repo commands).

Anyway, check out: https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/cobbler/wiki/UserDocs

b/c once you start with kickstart you're gonna want to template stuff and there's alot already answered at the above link.

I believe he wants to template. He was saying he doesn't want to actually build a box, then burn that....

Trust me... I feel your pain. From SunOS 2.4 -> Solaris9 and hoping to never go back (though all of my "hip" friends tell me solaris 10 finally got it right)

A dozen years ago, I really *liked* Solaris (and, of course, Sun 3). But Linux has *so* much added functionality (and key bindings, let's not forget that....) I had to build a PHP 4 environment, and had some trouble, on Solaris 10. *THEN* I find production is 8, and I went through hell to build, wound up getting a lot of stuff from the Sun freeware site....

My boss and I are seriously looking forward to replacing the Sun boxes with Linux.

Good luck.

We'll need it.


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