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Re: Preventing ext3 fsck at boot?

On Sep 28, 2007, at 12:45 PM, Young, Mike wrote:

Check the man page of fstab.

The last field in every record indicates whether the file system is checked on reboot.


Yes, thanks, I know that. And if a system crashes, you want all of its filesystems to be fsck'd at reboot. That is not the issue here. The issue is that, built in to the design of the ext2/ext3 filesystem is the idea that filesystems of those types should be fsck'd at startup, even if it unmounted cleanly, every X number of days since the previous fsck.

My question, again, is: since ext3 filesystems are, by definition, journaled, and since having a journaled filesystem *usually* precludes the need to do routine fscking, is there a reason why this feature should NOT be disabled for cleanly unmounted ext3 filesystems, and if there is no reason not to disable it, what is the proper syntax of the tune2fs command that will accomplish that.


Sandor W. Sklar
Unix Systems Administrator
Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources (SULAIR)
Digital Libraries Systems & Services (DLSS)

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