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Oda  It is a US AIR FORCE trouble, it rides on the backseat of a transport,
and Toru Oda is  down to earth land mine.   Toru is Red headband  and it is
at the time, a junior high school student. the red headband was shown to
me.Do you memory this headband.and  Kubo was
sharp look. This eye  is  eye of  Susumu Kubo -- someone -- coming -- it --
it  is shop(Japanese red line) said.   Oda said,true.

And for a while,Susumu Kubo and Oda and big brother of Muguruma, and Oda
attach the red headband. And, Red is remember,said Kubo, the red headband of
Oda was taken. And it went to the island of a US AIR FORCE trouble, and Kubo
asked that island, and whether it memorizes to me. the Toshiba entrance into
a company,two years,Yuji Urakawa asked me,Kubo is transport plane
operator,and  Kubo was sharp look.

After the US AIR FORCE trouble,My eye is see little.Oda is Red
headband,Susumu Kubo,shutout,red will remember.Oda said,don't look to me.
Big brother of Terunori Muguruma says to Susumu,A thick arm is knocking
Muguruma,only I who did can operate this air transport plane,
and it stopped,Kubo is sharp look.
At Sanbonmatu shop,Oda said,somehow,Masato Hayasi coming out,Tomotaka
Murakami coming out.Do you memory transport plane,Oda is at front to me,you
are fool.

After US AIR FORCE trouble,and a check of,My eye is not and memory trouble.A
transport plane,Susumu Kubo was hid the place of a triangular point of
transport plane.Said to older brother,kill the enemy of Susumu,and it
returned to Japan.

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