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RE: Iptables shapping

That's what I thought, and this thing was HOT!!!! I'd guess around 140F I could only touch it for a few seconds.
Now when I power the drive up it beeps while trying to ID itself to the controller.



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> Jason,
> >Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 09:00:49 -0400
> >From: "Jason Staudenmayer" <jasons adventureaquarium com>  
> >
> >I have an odd situation, I was running a small RH box just 
> for traffic shaping and the HD fried (super hot when I opened 
> the box).
> >I was wondering it there was really any HD load for shaping 
> or was this just a coincidence.
> Coincidence. Anything running on your box can't cause the 
> physical hardware to run hot.
>        mark "it's just ones and zeros"
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