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Re: ldap

Because you created it wrong

Post the output of the error log
And your ldif file please

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From: "Joy Methew" <ml4joy gmail com>

Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 23:16:47 
To: General Red Hat Linux discussion list<redhat-list redhat com>
Subject: ldap

hello all,

              i am working on openldap -2.3. i wann give two "dn" on one
ldap server.

              like i wann make one data base for example.com and other for



             how i can give this is in slapd.conf file???

             i m useing migration script for creating data base.

           another question:

           when i give dc=stationx,dc=example,dc=com

           i create database from migration script it`s not working...why???
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