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Re: VMWare


I will try my best, hope it will help.
If you have installed the VMWare tools out of VMware Server or Workstation (did not know what exactly you use) into the guest you are able to add "Shared Folders" into the VM to access your local HardDisc.. In my case it works perfectly. The CD-ROM or other Devices could connected or add in the preferences menu of VMWare. The Rest should be found in the VMWare Help or at vmware.com or somewhere else (it seems no further Redhat or Fedora problem so far)...

What dou you mean "VMware for ServerS"? VMWare Server is the free VMware product. If you want to use VMware for Redhat or Fedora Servers you want to build up its easy to use. You only have to install this as a new guest. But please be aware that you need MUCH RAM into your machine. If you want to host much Servers you want to have VMware ESX, but that costs a bit more and you also want to plan your ESX a bit better.

But Virtualisation comes with Redhat itself... please take also a look at Xen. Maybe this package does all you want

mit freundlichen Grüßen / yours sincerly
H. Heigl

Vivek Mangal schrieb:
Hello All,

Plaese any one solve my problem, or give me any suggestion

I need help

On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 4:55 PM, Vivek Mangal <vivek mangal9685 gmail com>wrote:

Hello ALL,

I tried VMWare  on Fedora 8 x86_64 and make Win Xp as a guest
and it asked me to install every thing from starting as we installed Win
XP, then i did
but i am not able to use my other hard disk partition on guest OS, (Win Xp)
even i can not move or copy data to guest OS from outside (host) , or the
guest OS did not detect the Pen drive or any CD which i instered in CD Rom.
but Feroda 8 (Host) can detect that CD.
I think i did some thing wrong
can any one tell me what would be the problem ?

and how i use this VMWare for servers ?

With Regards,
Vivek Mangal
Project Assistant
IC Design Group
CEERI, Pilani
Call +91-9829681753

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