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Re: RHCE certification

On Friday 22 August 2008 5:48 am, Johan Booysen wrote:
> Yep they will be paying.  I see what you mean and of course it's true in
> terms of having a piece of paper as opposed to actually being able to do
> this or that.
> Having said that, people over here also like the idea of things being
> quantifiable, including certifications and suchlike.  So they're
> investing in staff training, which I think is great.

Something that often gets overlooked in these discussions is that certain 
contractors insist on certain certifications.  This is especially true of the 
US government.   Several years ago I was competing with at least two Solaris 
admins I knew were better qualified than me at that time.  Despite that, I 
was chosen because I have a BS degree in Telecommunications and the other two 
guys didn't have any degrees.  The contract required so many Bachelor degrees 
so many Masters degrees and a couple three Phd's had to be on the project.

Go figger...

It's not just for governments either.  Several times in my career I've had to 
sign a release so my employer could attach evidence of my "qualifications" to 
a bid.  It may sound silly -- it does to me -- but that RHCE may someday make 
the difference between your employer getting a contract or not.


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