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Re: RHCE certification

Its funny. I know someone who is Oracle certified, yet she doesn't know the first thing about getting around in a shell. Always made me think what these certifications really mean.

Stephen Carville wrote:
On Friday 22 August 2008 5:48 am, Johan Booysen wrote:
Yep they will be paying.  I see what you mean and of course it's true in
terms of having a piece of paper as opposed to actually being able to do
this or that.

Having said that, people over here also like the idea of things being
quantifiable, including certifications and suchlike.  So they're
investing in staff training, which I think is great.

Something that often gets overlooked in these discussions is that certain contractors insist on certain certifications. This is especially true of the US government. Several years ago I was competing with at least two Solaris admins I knew were better qualified than me at that time. Despite that, I was chosen because I have a BS degree in Telecommunications and the other two guys didn't have any degrees. The contract required so many Bachelor degrees so many Masters degrees and a couple three Phd's had to be on the project.

Go figger...

It's not just for governments either. Several times in my career I've had to sign a release so my employer could attach evidence of my "qualifications" to a bid. It may sound silly -- it does to me -- but that RHCE may someday make the difference between your employer getting a contract or not.


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