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RE: RHCE certification

Johan, I bought the RHCE Linux Study Guide that you linked and have
really enjoyed reading through it.

I didn't purchase it as a study guide, so I can't comment on its
effectiveness, however the author does provides tips and tricks
routinely throughout the book to assist you during the exam. For
example, he stresses that wherever possible you use the CLI for the sake
of speed, and also stresses (as has been pointed out by another poster)
that the exam is about the end result, so if you know an alternative
method to accomplish the task, use it (example, using vipw rather than
the usermod command).

I purchased the book as a way to expand my RH admin skills. For me, the
RHCE book has done that in spades and was well worth the purchase and
time spent reading it. You could get all of this info by reading through
many of the online documents, this book just puts a good bit in one


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My employer wants me to look into gaining the RHCE certification.


I've previously looked at the training manual by Michael Yang
543/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1219405201&sr=8-1) and it seems to be
a good choice, but I'm wondering if anyone who has done RHCE could give
me their opinion on it and the certification process in general.



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